There are still more then 800 million of people in the world could not sleep well at night because they are hungry, every 9 of us eat well there is one in hunger. Average people of these 9 eat well are willing to share with the one, but do we know who is this one ?

The one is around, he or she is too proud to ask us for help. It is our duty to identify the one, share the burden with the 9 or some of them so everybody in this earth can sleep well at night.

We at Hunger Zone envision the world without hunger, our mission is to fight hunger allover the world until there isn’t any. The strategy will be Identify, Verify and Overcome (IVO).

Just like in any other war, world wide war (www) against hunger need a powerful force. The beauty of it is you can be part of it, please just contact us at: ceo@waqf.id if you think you could contribute in any possible way.